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It might not be "your first time at the rodeo" in arranging a videoconference meeting, or it might be the first task of this kind your boss has ever asked you to do. Either way, StandByVideo can assist you or we can completely manage the videoconference portion of your meeting. We can assure you a positive and successful experience.

To begin working on your videoconference meeting we need to know as much as possible about the date, time, participants and locations. As a first step, please click here to submit your on-line request. A representative from StandByVideo will contact you within 30 minutes to review your request making sure we understand your videoconference needs and to explain your options.

Our representatives will then find the closest locations to your participants, make all necessary contacts verifying availability and pricing of requested facilities, and e-mail a price quote for budget related decisions.

When participating locations are identified and you are ready to proceed, our staff will book your videoconference, provide a confirmation form with all necessary contact information and furnish participants with a map and /or driving directions to the facility.

StandByVideo's work does not end there!
Please, keep in mind two common reasons why videoconferences sometimes fail:
1) participants cannot find the location,
2) unexpected technical problems occur.

In order to prevent this we verify driving instructions and certify all participating facilities with our bridge and sort out all technical details (ie: equipment, network type, connection speed capabilities, etc.), perform troubleshooting at your company-owned facility (if such a need is applicable) and make certain all sites are connected at the time your meeting is scheduled to begin.

Our technical expertise allows us to eliminate technical problems before they occur. StandByVideo has ultimate connectivity capabilities, our bridge operators can connect IP network to ISDN network, 384K bonded ISDN to 2x64, match the speed of 384K capable equipment to 128K only capable unit, and much, much more - too many technical details to mention here.

Let us know about your videoconference needs - we can help you like no one else can!

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